Prepared Childbirth and Breastfeeding Classes

Jan 14, 2023, 3:00 – 10:00 PM



Saturday, January 14, 2023
3:00 PM – 10:00 PM UTC

About this event

Childbirth class participants, As of right now, we are holding in-person childbirth classes again. We also have an app you can sign up for and look through prior to attending the class or in place of the class if you prefer. Here is a link to register for the Yo Mingo App. Prepared Childbirth Classes (

Please feel free to sign up for the Yo Mingo App on this website. You may sign up at any time during your pregnancy as there is a lot of information for the entire pregnancy on there. You may text my cell phone if you have any questions regarding the App and any other specific childbirth class information. I will be more than happy to assist you.

Kerrie Myre, BSN, RNC-OB, CLC Cell phone # 859.779.5896

The birth of your child will be a life changing event that you will remember for the rest of your life. Attending a childbirth class prepares you to be an active participant in the birthing process by helping you understand the labor and delivery process and the options available to you. The confidence and knowledge you gain will help you approach childbirth relaxed and prepared.

This Class Includes:

  • How your body changes during pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum.
  • Relaxation exercises to decrease pain and anxiety during labor and delivery, including natural childbirth techniques and tips for back labor.
  • Pushing techniques to help with the birth.
  • Common medications and anesthesia such as epidural used during labor and delivery.
  • Common hospital procedures and options.
  • Variations of labor and delivery, such as Cesarean birth and induction of labor.
  • Role of the support person, including activities to help with physical and emotional support.
  • The postpartum period and what happens after delivery.
  • Newborn characteristics and care such as swaddling, diaper changes, and calming your baby.
  • Breastfeeding information, instructions, and tips. This is the last part of the class and usually starts around 3pm. You may opt to skip this section or ask to attend just this section of the class. Great for parents of their 2nd or 3rd child wanting to breastfeed for the first time.

We recommend taking the class between 28 and 37 weeks of pregnancy. If you have a selected labor support person, he or she should accompany you to the class. If they cannot attend, you will still benefit greatly from the class and are encouraged to attend regardless.

For questions, or to sign up if you are unable to register online, please text Kerrie Myre, RNC, childbirth class instructor at 859.779.5896

This class is held at the Baptist Health Richmond 801 Eastern Bypass, Richmond, Kentucky 40475. Classes are held in the C. Todd Jones Administrative Conference Room on the first floor. Due to COVID, only 6 couples are able to sign up for a class at this time. If you are the 7th couple, you will be placed on a waiting list. Also, couples delivering at Baptist Health Richmond will take priority over other hospitals. If there is room available, we are more than happy to have new mom's from any hospital. Please text the number above if you are unable to attend for any reason after you have signed up, or need to change your date. This will give another couple an opportunity to attend. Thank you for your understanding in these difficult times. :-)

Kerrie will contact you either by text, phone, or email around one week prior to class for all of those signed up.

Some comments from previous classes include:

"Kerrie was awesome! Answered every question & made class fun & interactive. :-)"

"It helped to answer the questions that I had. Seeing the videos of the women throughout their births were very helpful. The class was super long, but it was very informative and helpful."

"A good refresher course for us. Even as experienced parents there was several things we learned we didn't know before. I even feel better about trying to have a natural birth instead of just going in asking for an epidural."

"We absolutely loved this class! Kerri(e) was awesome. Highly recommended!!! I did not realize how much they would talk about Postpartum/breastfeeding and I really valued that. We loved the 'practice' with swaddling & diapering. My husband really appreciated the honesty & information directed towards him & the partner in general."

"I didn't think I needed to come to the class, I was just going to "go with the flow" but I feel more prepared now & feel like I know my options more."